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Custom-Made Luxury Safes

We are the leading experts in luxury safe design. Our engineers are experienced and highly skilled in creating tailor-made safes with a large range of options for each individual client.

Choose from a wide variety of:


Choose from our full range of RAL in addition to our gloss, matte, and metallic options.


Luxury safes materials


luxury safes interiors

We have a wide range of interior options including woods, felts, and leather.

Further customise your bespoke safe with everything from watch winders, to display cabinets and personalised key holders. We also offer other great extras such as inside lighting.


Luxury safes sizes

Security Grades

Luxury safes grades

The grade relates to how much value will be covered by an insurance company for the contents of the safe.
Valuables cover is the cash cover x 10. e.g. Grade 0 – cash cover £6,000, valuables cover £60,000.

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