Bespoke Grade 2 safes available at SLS Security

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Custom-made Grade 2 safes manufactured in the UK!

Our Grade 2 safes are tailor made to meet clients’ specifications. Our range of Grade 2 safes have been independently tested to ensure they meet European standards. With the ever-increasing need for security systems within homes and businesses, a Grade 2 safe provides an ideal solution. At SLS Security, our UK manufactured Grade 2 safes provide a high-security storage solution for cash and valuables, in addition to bestowing peace of mind that valued possessions or company assets remain secure.

By having a Grade 2 security safe installed within your premises, this will provide an unparalleled secure storage solution for cash and valuables. Whether you are considering a security safe for your home or business, a Grade 2 safe offers the ideal cash and valuables cover, ensuring that all possessions stored within your Grade 2 safe can be covered via your insurance provider, should you choose to do so.

All Grade 2 safes are independently tested to ensure they meet the correct standards and specifications set in place throughout Europe. A Grade 2 security safe has a corresponding cash rating of £17,500 and a valuables rating of £175,000. These cash ratings and valuables ratings provide an indication of the amount of cash or valued possessions that can be stored within your Grade 2 safe at any given time and covered via your insurance provider, should you choose to add the contents of your security safe to your insurance.

At SLS Security, our Grade 2 safes can be tailor-made to meet your exact security needs and specifications. With many additional features, and a wide variety of interior materials and exterior colours available, your bespoke Grade 2 safe can be created exactly as required. We also offer a wide range of locking options for our bespoke security safes, from key locking mechanisms, to electronic or combination locks, and even biometric locking systems. Choosing a locking option is completely down the preference of the client, as all the locking options that we provide at SLS Security are highly secure.

Grade 2 security safes, as previously mentioned, have a cash rating of £17,500 and a valuables rating of £175,000, however this is not the case for all graded security safes. The varying grading levels attribute to the corresponding cash ratings and valuables ratings, so depending on the amount that is required to be stored within your safe, the cash ratings and valuables ratings will help to determine whether a Grade 2 security safe would be the ideal solution for your storage needs, or whether a higher or lower graded security safe would provide sufficient cover for your cash and valuables.

At SLS Security, we also offer delivery and installation of your bespoke Grade 2 security safe, ensuring that your high-security solution is professionally and appropriately installed. By offering delivery and installation on our Grade 2 security safes, we are able to provide a one-stop solution for all of our client’s security needs, from manufacture to installation, everything can be taken care of by SLS Security.

If your home or business would benefit from the manufacture, delivery and installation of a Grade 2 security safe, then get in touch with us today! Our Grade 2 safes will help you to achieve peace of mind that your valued possessions are securely stored, and our expert delivery and installation will assure that your brand-new bespoke Grade 2 security safe is sufficiently and professionally fitted within your premises.

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All of our safes are made in Britain

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