Bespoke UK Manufactured Safes

Post on 3:46 pm Thursday 7th February 2019

UK Manufactured Bespoke Safes

SLS Security bespoke safes and luxury safes are all manufactured right here in our very own UK manufacturing plant! With over 40 years of experience of the manufacture of safes, SLS Security can offer highly innovative, unique bespoke and luxury designed safes. By manufacturing our bespoke safes and luxury safes in our very own factory located in the UK, this allows our clients to benefit from reduced lead times, in addition to assurance that our products not only meet European standards, but also meet British standards for safes.

Our UK based manufacturing plant enables us to create a large variety of unique security solutions for our clients from our dedicated workshop. All of our bespoke safes and luxury safes are manufactured using high-quality steel and top range materials, in order to ensure the products that we craft for our clients exceed expectation and fulfil all security requirements necessary. With hand-finished touches from our expert designers & manufacturers added to complete the bespoke solution, our clients can rest assured that the bespoke safe or luxury safe they receive upon project completion is completely unique to their exact specifications and requirements.

Our UK manufactured bespoke safes and luxury safes can be manufactured in any size or shape necessary, and with a variety of tested and certified gradings attributed to the high-security safes we manufacture, the ideal solution for your secure storage needs can be found at SLS Security. Our luxury interior features include watch winders, jewellery drawers, internal lighting and personalised key holders, to name a few.

We are extremely proud to be UK manufacturers of bespoke safes and luxury safes, providing a wide range of jobs for skilled workers within our country and providing benefit for the economy around us. With a 65% industry growth in overall British Security since 2010, SLS Security are proud to be supporting our home country. Buying British made products not only helps the economy in which we are trying to positively contribute to, but it also helps to ensure that the quality of products you receive is to the highest standard, as stringent quality testing is viewed as a priority, not just for SLS Security, but for many other British made products.

Get in touch with a member of the team today to discuss your requirements and begin the unique process of creating your very own bespoke safe or luxury safe from SLS Security, call us on 08703 308 295 today!

All of our safes are made in Britain

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