Explaining Cash and Valuables Ratings

Post on 3:58 pm Wednesday 15th November 2017

When looking into buying a safe and researching which type of safe would best suit your needs, the discussion of what cash and valuables ratings really mean is one that is frequently brought up. In some cases, insurance companies may specify these factors for you, making the decision a lot easier. However, for those of you who have not been instructed by insurers to purchase a specific graded safe, choosing which cash and valuables ratings you may need could be a daunting task.

Safe grades have corresponding cash and valuables ratings, this can be shown in the table detailed below;

Grade of Safe Cash Rating Valuable Rating
Grade 0 £6,000 £60,000
Grade 1 £10,000 £100,000
Grade 2 £17,500 £175,000
Grade 3 £35,000 £350,000
Grade 4 £60,000 £600,000
Grade 5 £100,000 £1,000,000
Grade 6 £150,000 £1,500,000


Cash ratings tell you the amount of cash that can be stored within the safe at any given point.

Valuables ratings is the total value of items that can be stored within the safe at any given point.

If you were to store both cash and valuables within the safe and wanted to figure out how much would be covered by insurance this can be easily worked out. Deduct the amount of cash you wish to store from the cash rating and then times the remaining amount by 10 to work out how much of your valuables can be covered.

Cash rated safes are mainly just required for those wishing to get the safe and the contents of the safe insured.

When looking into purchasing a graded or cash rated safe, the higher the cash rating, the more secure your safe is. Due to this, it would be worth considering purchasing a cash rated safe, regardless of whether you intend to have it insured, as this will provide higher security coverage for the contents. If you do buy a cash rated safe without the intention of insuring it, then should you change your mind further down the line, you will easily be able to put this on your insurance.

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