High-security bespoke data safes manufactured in the UK

Post on 10:37 am Thursday 17th January 2019

Bespoke data safes for commercial needs

Looking for the ideal security solution for the storage of electronic data? SLS Security has the perfect solution with our bespoke data safe service! Ensuring that electronic data such as hard-drives, USBs, CDs and electrical equipment is sufficiently stored to prevent loss, theft or damage is essential in any home or business environment. At SLS Security, we offer bespoke and luxury safe services, allowing our clients to have their input into the ideal security solution for their needs.

Ensuring that sensitive information or important documentation cannot be accessed by unauthorised personnel is essential in preventing data breaches or leaks. By having a bespoke designed data safe installed within your premises from SLS Security, you can rest assured that vital data, electronic equipment and devices are at a significantly reduced risk of being lost, damaged or stolen.

Utilising a data safe within your home or business premises will provide additional peace of mind that valued assets cannot be gained or accessed without access being granted. Our bespoke safes can be fitted with key locking mechanisms, electronic locking mechanisms, combination locks or even biometric locks, whichever best suits the client’s preference. With our range of locking options available, our clients can determine the best choice to match their requirements and make a decision on whether they would prefer access to be granted to their data safe through a key, a digital code, a dial code or through biometric technology. All of our locking options offer high-security protection in preventing unauthorised access being gained, but by providing the choice this allows our client to customise their bespoke safe to match their taste and required aesthetics.

Our bespoke data safes offer fire protection for the valued assets kept inside, ensuring that electronic data and important documentation or back-ups does not succumb to heat or fire damage. Having a bespoke fireproof data safe installed within your domestic or commercial premises provides additional peace of mind for the protection of your valued goods.

If you are looking for the ideal security solution for ensuring your electronic data remains secure, then look no further than SLS Security. With our vast range of interior and exterior features available, including storage cabinets, watch winders, deposit features and interior lighting, our clients can rest assured that a bespoke data safe from SLS Security would exceed their expectations and fulfil all necessary security requirements.

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