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Post on 2:36 pm Friday 30th November 2018

Luxury safes combines high-security storage with bespoke design

Luxury safes provide a high-security solution for the storage of your valuable possessions, with a bespoke design and additional available features. When choosing a safe for your security needs, whether you need one for your home or business, certain standard range of safes just do not provide the additional features that you may be looking for. Depending on the items that need to be stored within your secure safe, there are different features available which can be manufactured into our bespoke safes and luxury safes to provide the ideal solution for your needs.

At SLS Security, we offer a range of bespoke and luxury safe options, ensuring that our clientele has the ability to create and receive the best possible security solution for their needs. Businesses are all different, some will need to store standard documentation in their secure safe, whilst others may need to store highly valuable jewels, accessories or delicate items.

Our range of luxury safes are manufactured and tested to the highest standards, ensuring that they meet all specifications and requirements necessary for bespoke safes and luxury safes. Our highly secure range of luxury safes can be tailored to meet our client’s exact requirements. At SLS Security we offer a full range of RAL colours for our secure safes to be manufactured in, a range of interior and exterior materials, such as leathers, woods and felts, and an array of interior features which can be fitted to our luxury safes such as watch winders, jewellery drawers and key holders.

Many domestic properties require increased security measures to ensure that valued items are sufficiently secure, and our range of luxury safes provide the ideal security solution. Storing your valuable possessions within a luxury safe from SLS Security would ensure that these valuable possessions are at a significantly reduced risk of being damaged, lost or stolen, and with additional security measures such as fire and water protection, would assure you that your valuables are secure no matter the circumstance.

Many homeowners who highly value interior design would not want to diminish the aesthetic of their property by having a standard secure safe fitted in the premises, however, with our luxury safes, the design and overall look of the safe is up to our clients, meaning that our range of luxury safes can be tailored to match the interior design of any premises.

We manufacture our range of luxury safes in six different sizes, to assure that each one of our clients can find the ideal luxury safe solution for their needs in our range. Our luxury safes are also manufactured to provide security ratings, in Grades 0 through 5, which offer varying levels of cash and valuables cover through insurance providers, should our clients choose to add the contents of their secure safe to their insurance cover.

If you are looking for the perfect security solution for your needs, but the standard ranges of safes just do not cut it, then get in touch with us today to find out more about our range of luxury safes and the bespoke services than we can provide at SLS Security. Our range of luxury safes are all manufactured right here in the UK to the highest standards and offer a range of security ratings and gradings to ensure all our clients needs can be met.

Give us a call on 08703 308 295 today to discuss your requirements with a member of the team and start your very own luxury safe project with us.

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