Keep expensive watches secure in a watch winder safe

Post on 11:16 am Thursday 8th November 2018

Do you own a range of costly automatic watches? At SLS Security we offer a range of watch winder safes to ensure your watches remain secure and in working condition. Ensuring that expensive or valued items are in a secure location within your home or business is essential for peace of mind in addition to the added protection a watch winder safe can provide for your premises. Storing watches and jewellery within a watch winder safe from SLS Security will ensure that your automatic watches remain in good working condition, and protects the watches and jewellery from theft, loss or damage that could occur if they were not to be stored with a secure watch winder safe.

Our range of high security luxury and bespoke safes and security products can be fitted with a range of internal features including watch winders to increase the functionality and purpose a high security solution such a safe can provide to any home or business. Watch winder safes are especially useful for luxury watch collectors, without the appropriate storage or facilities to provide suitable protection and keep automatic watches running whilst in storage is essential to prevent loss, damage or theft.

The high security watch winder safes that we offer at SLS Security can be fitted with a range of locking options, from key locks to biometric fingerprint locks, ensuring our clients are provided with the ideal security solution for their needs. Assuring that your watches and jewellery are securely stored within your premises in a watch winder safe will not only provide peace of mind that these valued items such as automatic watches are secure, but also allows for these items including luxury watches and jewellery to be added to your insurance.

Our high security watch winder safes come in a variety of different sizes and grades, which provides a range of choice for our clients to decide which size and grade of their bespoke watch winder safe would suit their high security needs the best. Our luxury and bespoke watch winder safes can be manufactured in a variety of high security grades, from Grade 0 through to Grade 5. Each grade of safe is meticulously tested to ensure it meets all European standards and the different grades have corresponding cash and valuables ratings to attribute how much cash and valuables, such as luxury watches and jewellery, can be stored within your watch winder safe at any given time.

As we offer bespoke services at SLS Security, your watch winder safe can be designed and manufactured to suit any style you would like. We offer a full range of RAL colours, a variety of interior materials such as woods, glass plates and leathers and of course our range of interior features such as watch winders and jewellery drawer storage. Whether you’re a luxury watch collector, or just own a few automatic watches that could do with some additional security measures for protection, a luxury watch winder safe from SLS Security provides the ideal solution.

High security protection for valued possessions such as automatic watches, luxury watches and jewellery usually require some bespoke intervention. Standard safes cannot provide the additional features such as watch winders and biometric fingerprint locking systems in addition to the high-security function of the safe. With a bespoke watch winder safe from SLS Security, our clients can rest assured that all their high-security needs.

If you feel that your home or business could benefit from the design, manufacture and installation of your very own bespoke luxury watch winder safe to provide a high security solution for the storage of valued items such as automatic watches, luxury watches and jewellery then get in touch with us today.

All of our bespoke and luxury watch winder safes are manufactured right here in the UK, providing quicker lead times on all of our clients’ projects. Give us a call on 08703 308 295 to find out more about our bespoke and luxury high security services.

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