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Post on 3:00 pm Thursday 15th November 2018

Are you looking to buy a safe in the UK? At SLS Security we provide bespoke and luxury security services, tailoring your home or business safe to your exact needs. Our bespoke safe services allow our clients to ensure their security solution is custom-made to meet their exact security requirements, and with additional luxury interiors and features, SLS provides the ideal home or business security solution.

With a range of locking options available when looking buy a home safe or business safe, we ensure that our clients can choose a locking option to meet their exact requirements and preferences. At SLS Security we offer electronic locks, key locks, combination locks and even biometric locking options to provide a full spectrum of choices for our clients. If you are looking to buy a safe in the UK, it is important to determine your preference for a locking option, in addition to the level of security and cash ratings you would require for your home safe or business safe. Our bespoke and luxury high-security safes are available in Grades 0 to 5, each of these Grades have been independently tested to ensure they meet specifications for the corresponding cash and valuables ratings they supply.

Choosing a safe for your home or business can sometimes be a difficult or daunting task, with many factors to take into consideration regarding your security needs, it may seem that a standard manufactured safe just would not provide the level of protection or necessary additional features that could be essential for your needs. By creating a unique and personalised bespoke security storage solution for your home office or business you can be certain that all of your security needs can be sufficiently met. In choosing to opt for a high-quality bespoke home or business safe, our clients can rest assured that their security requirements are in good hands.

With the additional features that we supply at SLS Security for our bespoke home and business safes, our clients can choose to have internal fittings and a wide variety of different materials for their safe to be manufactured with internally, such as woods, felts and leathers. Additional internal features such as key cabinets, watch winders and jewellery drawers can be fitted to provide our clients with a high-quality security storage solution tailored to meet their needs.

When deciding to buy a safe in the UK, depending on your security storage needs, bespoke home or business safes may provide the ideal solution. Our home safes or business safes can be manufactured to include fire resistant materials which will ensure that paper documents or electronic data is protected against heat and fire damage. They can also be tailored to meet the specifications of a cash safe or data safe, which are specifically manufactured to ensure high-security protection for the storage of cash or the security storage of electronic data. By providing a range of options for our clients this allows them to curate their ideal high-quality security storage solution through SLS Security.

Owning a secure safe or a high-security storage solution for your home office or business will provide an unparalleled level of security for the protection of your valued items and company assets. When deciding to buy a safe in the UK, this will dramatically increase your home security or business security in addition to providing peace of mind that valuable goods and company assets are not left at risk of damage, loss or theft through leaving them unsecured.

If you believe that your home or business could benefit from the decision to buy a safe in the UK, but feel a standard safe just would not provide the level of security or required additional features that you are looking for in your high-security storage solution, get in touch with SLS Security today to discuss your requirements and kick-start your high-quality bespoke home or business safe project today.

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