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Post on 9:58 am Thursday 6th December 2018

Looking to find luxury or bespoke safes in the UK? Our safes are UK manufactured and stringently tested and certified to meet European standards. Our home or business luxury and bespoke UK safes are designed and manufactured to the highest of standards in order to ensure they provide sufficient storage to allow our clients to protect their valuables. Just because our UK safes have the option to include bespoke and luxury additions, does not mean that the security standards they are manufactured to are any lower than a standard security safe. Our high-quality UK safes provide the ideal security solution for any home or business looking to increase security and protect valuables and important documentation.

When looking to choose a safe for your home or business there are of course a wealth of options available. However, in some cases a standard security safe may not provide all of the requirements that you are looking for in your home safe or business safe. Ensuring that your home or business security safe is tailored to meet your requirements and allow you to sufficiently protect your valuables is essential in ensuring that these valuable possessions and important documentation remains secure and at a significantly reduced risk of loss, theft or damage. Our luxury and bespoke UK safes are tailor-made to meet our client’s exact specifications, allowing our clients the ability to customise and enhance their security safe. Some home or business clients may require the secure storage of automatic watches, high-end jewellery, car keys and many other items that could benefit from the installation of specified interior features. At SLS Security, we offer a wide range of high-quality interior features including watch winders, jewellery and storage drawers as well as personalised key holders to enhance the interiors of our security safes.

When you are trying to choose your safe, there are some things that must be taken into consideration such as deciding which locking option would best suit your needs. Our luxury and bespoke UK safes can be fitted with a wide range of locking options, including electronic locks, key locks, combination locks and even biometric locks. Choosing your safe lock is mainly down to preference, all of our locking options are VdS certified and provide a secure locking mechanism for your security safe. If you tend to be better at keeping hold of a key, then a key safe may be ideal, or if you are better at remembering access codes then opting for an electronic locking safe or combination locking security safe may be the best option.

Our UK safes can also be manufactured to include fire resistant protection for your valuables and important documentation, providing additional peace of mind that your valuables remain securely stored and at a significantly lower risk of damage when kept within your security safe. Having fire resistant materials manufactured into your luxury or bespoke safe provides between 30 and 60 minutes of fire and heat protection for valuable possessions and important documentation stored within your security safe, enabling you to ensure that the security safe you choose can sufficiently protect your valuables.

Home security and business security is absolutely essential, as in order to protect your valuables there must be some form of secure storage of sufficient security system in place. Our UK safes can be installed by our expert engineering team, across the entirety of mainland UK. Having your security safe installed professionally provides additional protection for your valuables and important documentation as this will ensure that the safe cannot be removed from the premises. Our expert engineers can install your security safe within your home office, business or in any location within your premises to a solid wall or floor.

If you are ready to increase your home or business security with a luxury or bespoke UK safe from SLS Security, then get in touch with us to discuss your requirements today. Our expert design, manufacture and engineering teams are on-hand to aid and advise throughout the entirety of the manufacture process, ensuring that the end product fully meets your security needs and requirements. Give us a call on 08703 308 295 to begin your new home security or business security project with us today.

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