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Post on 8:55 am Tuesday 23rd October 2018

Having a bespoke or luxury safe created to suit your needs doesn’t mean compromising on the overall security. Our Eurograde safes are tested to ensure standards are met. At SLS Security, we strive to achieve the best possible security solution for all our customers, through our bespoke and luxury services in addition to the rigorous testing to ensure the level of security required is met by both the client and through European standards.

Eurograde safes provide a high-security solution for the storage of cash and valuables, the range of Eurograde safes we manufacture in the UK are AiS approved to ensure the contents can be covered via insurance providers should the client choose to add said cover. We offer a range of different Eurograde ratings for our bespoke and luxury safes, these range from Eurograde 0 to Eurograde 5. Each Eurograde rating has a corresponding cash rating and valuables rating to determine how much value can be stored within the safe at any given time and still be covered through your insurance company. A Eurograde 0 safe offers a cash rating of £6,000 or £60,000 valuables rating. Cash and valuables can be stored within your Eurograde safe at the same time, to determine how much cover you would have when storing both deduct the amount of cash you wish to store from the cash rating and then times the remaining amount by 10 to work out the remaining cover for your valuables rating.

As with all of our UK manufactured bespoke and luxury safes, our range of Eurograde safes can be fitted with a wide range of locking options, from the standard key locking to a range of electronic locks and even biometric systems. Our range of graded safes and the various locking options offered are tested to meet European standards EN 1143-1 to ensure that our Eurograde safes can be covered through your insurance company whether you’re looking for a Grade 0 safe, or a Grade 5 safe.

If you’re looking to buy a Eurograde safe, we have a wide range of interior options and bespoke additions that can be chosen to ensure our high security safes can be tailored to meet your exact requirements. When trying to choose a safe, it is important to consider what grade would suit your needs best. A Eurograde 0 safe is ideal for many environments, from domestic properties to commercial. Deciding on the appropriate cash rating and valuables rating may help to determine the best Eurograde safe for your needs, if you require a safe with a larger valuables rating in order to ensure that valued items such as jewellery can be covered via your insurance company, then it would be best to go for a higher graded Eurograde safe.

Our range of graded safes are fitted with materials for fire resistance, adding an additional security feature to protect valued items from heat or fire damage. Having materials for fire resistance fitted into our Eurograde safes during the manufacturing process heightens the level of security provided by your Eurograde safe. Being prepared for every eventuality in the home or the workplace is essential in ensuring that valued items remain protected from loss, damage or theft, and with a graded safe you can rest assured that the required level of security has been met in the manufacturing process and when the safes are tested. Our range of Eurograde safes are the ideal option when trying to choose a safe for either home or business use. The high security safes we offer provide the ideal protection for valuables and are AiS approved for ease of cover through your insurance company.

If you are considering a graded safe, why not buy a Eurograde safe from SLS Security? With our bespoke and luxury services, your Eurograde safe can be tailored to meet your exact needs and specifications whilst ensuring the level of security required is met as safes are tested. Find out more about the graded safes we offer at SLS Security, or get in touch to receive a quote today. Call us on 08703 308 295.

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