Luxury Brands Introducing Bespoke Services

Post on 9:55 am Thursday 31st August 2017

The previously known definition of a luxury brand has begun to change over recent years, leaving these brands with some confusion regarding how to market their products and services to today’s luxury consumer. It has begun to become more popular and sought after to have bespoke services tailored to the individual customer, as this provides a unique experience for the consumer themselves.

How Brands Expand To Suit Today’s Luxury Consumer’s Needs

In today’s luxury consumer market, brands need to find ways to engage and entice customers. Luxury brands are no longer just about marketing and selling the product, they must expand this to sell an experience.

By offering something personal, unique and memorable, this will set the luxury products and services aside from the standard, everyday purchases. The inclusion of a personalised finishing touch to products, along with creating an experience of the brand, aids the promotion of the brand on social platforms and works to create an ongoing interaction between the brand and the consumer.

Bespoke Experiences

Brand experiences allow the consumer to feel as though they are part of the brand and create a ‘shareable’ experience. By doing this, your brand will gain positive promotion through word of mouth as consumers will be willing to praise the brand if they had an enjoyable experience with them.

By creating individualised and bespoke services, this will entice consumers to return to the brand for their unrivalled service and experience.

An example of a global brand experience is the Samsung 837 Centre in New York City. This experience features installations of rotating exhibits. The ‘social galaxy’ installation relies on visitors to input their public Instagram before entering a cylindrical tunnel. Inside the tunnel, messages and images from the visitor’s personal Instagram history are displayed all around them. The 360-degree tunnel was designed in order to make visitors feel as though they’re floating in space.

Advertising their 4D VR chairs, another of Samsung’s installations allows the visitors to enjoy a virtual roller coaster experience.

In a similar way to Samsung’s bespoke experience, Christian Dior created a virtual reality brand experience of their own. The introduction of their ‘Dior Eyes’ headsets allowed customers of the brand to take part in immersive 3D experiences of the collection and runway atmosphere.

Bespoke Security

At SLS, our bespoke services are tailored to each individual customer, ensuring that their needs and requirements are sufficiently met. Designated project managers are assigned to each customer to oversee the entire process of designing and manufacturing their bespoke security solution. Working on the design of each customer’s luxury safe, our project management team take into account the best possible security solution to compliment the space available for the safe, whilst also ensuring the necessary protection of any valuables kept inside the safe.

Our team at SLS work tirelessly to ensure all our clients receive the best service and products available, whilst also providing a smooth and efficient process.

Find out more about the bespoke services offered at SLS or get in touch to have a bespoke safe created especially for you. If you wish to speak to a member of our team call us on 08703 308 295.


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