Luxury Safe Features

At SLS Security, our bespoke and luxury safes can be custom-manufactured with a range of luxury safe features to meet each individual clients requirements. Our expert engineers have the capabilities to create our luxury secure storage solutions in any shape or size necessary. We offer a wide range of features that allow our clients to customise their bespoke safe or luxury safe to ensure all security necessities are met and allow for the creation a completely unique high-security solution!


Our clients have the option to choose from our full range of RAL in addition to our gloss, matte, and metallic options to meet any requirement they may have.

SLS Security RAL Colour Options for Bespoke Safes


Our bespoke safes can be manufactured to include a range of interior materials, including woods, felts and leathers. Add some luxury to your secure storage solution with SLS Security’s UK manufactured bespoke interior safes!

Interior Materials for Bespoke Safes

Interior Features

Further customise your bespoke safe with everything from watch winders, to display cabinets and personalised key holders, ensuring that automatic watches, valued jewellery & personal assets and any spare keys you may own all have their own place for secure storage within your luxury safe. We also offer other great extras such as interior lighting, enabling our clients to view their valued goods with ease!

Bespoke Safe Interior Features SLS Security

Get in touch with a member of our expert team today to enquire about your very own luxury bespoke safe & our luxury safe features or find out more about our bespoke safe manufacturing process within the UK & our luxury safes after sales service!

SLS Security Luxury Safe Features

All of our safes are made in Britain

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