Luxury Trends Of 2017

Post on 1:52 pm Wednesday 16th August 2017

The luxury market is continuing to grow and expand year by year, with new products being introduced as ‘luxury’ items. What was once considered to be an exclusive market consisting of supercars, designer clothes and handbags, yachts and grand homes, has now expanded to include items such a toys, technology and homeware.

Luxury Fashion Trends of 2017

Fashion has always been considered as something to include luxury, due to highly respected brands and designers creating the most lavish pieces they can come up with.

New trends becoming more popular within the luxury fashion world are set to include a rebirth of 80’s clothing. Designers such as Marc Jacobs, Gucci and Kenzo have been displaying clothing which features 80’s styles such as metallic designs, disco leggings and one-shoulder dresses.

‘Fashion with Function’ such as utility wear is back on trend. Designers including Stella McCartney, Chloe and Paul Smith have all begun to launch clothing inspired by workwear.

Ruffles are seemingly appearing on every item of clothing recently, girly, punky and even black leather ruffles have all been spotted at fashion shows including the likes of Mulberry, Erdem and Alexander McQueen.

Luxury Homeware Trends of 2017

In contrast to the minimalistic look, made widely popular last year, bright colours are back. The Pantone colour of the year 2017 has been named as ‘Greenery’ which is said to reflect refreshment and revitalisation. This has become a popular shade for homeware trends, including accent walls and furnishings.

Due to last year’s minimalist craze, mixed patterns were rarely seen, however, these have made a comeback for 2017. Mismatched rugs, comforters and bedding is now becoming the ‘in’ thing, with clashing patterns seen as more popular than ever.

The idea of texture in homeware has probably not crossed many people’s minds, however, it should. Velvet sofas, fluffy and tasselled cushions and a variety of other textured items have seen a huge popularity boost over the year. Comfort and style is said to play a large part in the increase of admiration for the trend.

Technology Trends of 2017

The introduction of smart, wireless, voice-controlled devices such as the Amazon Echo/Alexa has gained demand this year. This device can be used to control appointments, play music and tell you facts all through voice control systems, making it a well sought out technology trend for 2017.

Virtual reality gaming is increasingly admired in the technology world. The opportunity to feel as though you are living the game has meant popularity of the devices has soared. Headsets such as the HTC Vive VR allows mobile phones to be placed inside and the player to feel as though what they are seeing is reality.

Something that was definitely an exclusive market up until recently was 3D printers. These were introduced more widely to the consumer market over the past year which has seen their popularity dramatically grow. Devices such as these printers and even 3D pens are now allowing consumers to create products themselves, which could cause the consumer market to shrink as people won’t want to buy things they can make themselves.

Toy Trends of 2017

Electronic cars, such as BMW’s, Mercedes and Range Rovers are seen more commonly on the streets nowadays, with children driving in them. These cars can play music, beep horns and cruise around with children at the wheel.

Luxury playhouses now seem to be a thing, however, they could technically just be classed as small homes. These toy-houses can come fitted with real kitchens, media rooms, connections for cable, electricity and water and optional air-conditioning and WiFi. The ‘Gran Victorian Playhouse’ starts at $20,000 and some, namely La Petite Maison costs $76,000.

A technology trend, which has also become a popular toy trend in 2017 is drones. These flying recording devices have definitely increased in popularity this past year, providing aerial views of what’s below as well as something fun to fly.

Luxury Security

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