Rise In The Luxury Real Estate Market Around The World

Post on 10:31 am Thursday 7th September 2017

Luxury homes will always hold a certain popularity as wealthier individuals tend to splash out on large and lavish homes. Not only are the houses that are deemed to be luxury popular, but holiday homes along luxurious flats and penthouses are always flying off the market as well. Recently some luxury destinations have seen rises in their luxury real estate market, due to the demand for extravagant living abroad increasing.


This Chinese city, located on the central coast, is world known as a global financial & transportation hub. Shanghai boasts a wide range of luxury hotels and apartments for those visiting the popular, cultural, business led city. The city is famous for its incredible skyline along with its bustling nightlife.

Shanghai is the most expensive city in China, its commercial popularity and luxury features have had an impact on the luxury real estate market. In 2017, the market is expected to rise by 8%. Last year, in 2016, as investors snapped up the high-end developments on offer, the market rose by 27%. Due to the large market increase last year, it was expected that the properties were going to sell out rapidly this year as supply would be limited.


The largest city in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai, just like Shanghai, is known to be the global business & transport hub of the Middle East. The popularity of this city amongst the wealthy could derive from the luxury experiences offered in the city. Visitors or residents can embark on helicopter journeys, as most of the 5-star hotels have their own helipads. Other luxurious experiences include trips on private yachts, VIP experiences at Dubai’s Mall, and swimming with dolphins.

Due to the glamorous appeal of such a city, it comes as no surprise that the luxury properties are being sought after. In 2017 the luxury real estate market is set to rise by 3%. The agents of these luxury real estate companies believe that the market should continue to grow as the luxury property prices are ‘reasonable’.


This glorious Australian city, located on the east coast, is home to the world’s largest natural harbour and is largely popular for the beautiful sights and experiences available. The city is widely popular for tourists, travellers and those in the market for luxury living. Australia is seen to be home to a serene lifestyle, with the sun and the beaches wherever you go. However, there are also several luxurious experiences to take part in. Private ascents up the Sydney Harbour Bridge, popular within the celebrity circle, along with aerial views of the city via jet fighters.

These luxurious experiences, along with the glorious sights have made Sydney a popular luxury destination. In 2017, the luxury real estate market is set to increase by 5%. Last year, in 2016, the market rose by a dramatic 9.3% and due to an increase in demand for luxury properties from Australians themselves as well as overseas buyers, this will continue to fuel luxury property prices in 2017.

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