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Bespoke jewellery safes protect valued items within your home or business

At SLS Security, our bespoke jewellery safes can be designed and manufactured to provide the ideal secure storage solution for both domestic and commercial premises. Ensuring your home or business premises utilises the most appropriate security measures to protect the level of value your assets hold is essential. Our luxury jewellery safes that we manufacture in-house offer a wide range of benefits for all of our clients’ security needs. In manufacturing bespoke safes, this allows us to tailor the security safes to meet the requirements of each individual client, ensuring that the bespoke jewellery safes we manufacture for our clients exceed expectation.

Ensuring that items of value, such as cash, important documentation, items of sentiment, company assets or personal assets are sufficiently protected from the risks of loss, theft or damage is essential for achieving peace of mind. Our bespoke service for the creation of luxury jewellery safes allows our clients to customise their high security solution to ensure these valued assets remain secure.

The bespoke jewellery safes we manufacture at SLS Security can include a wide range of optional additional features. These features include watch winders, jewellery trays, personalised key holders, drawers and compartments, and internal lighting. In addition to these optional extras to further enhance your bespoke luxury safe, our security safes can be manufactured to include fire protection for any important documents or data, as well as being fitted with various locking options including key locks, electronic locks and even biometric locking systems.

Our bespoke jewellery safes are insurance approved, having been independently tested, and have been accredited cash ratings and valuables ratings. Cash ratings determine the amount of cash that can be stored within your jewellery safe or security safe at any given time and valuables ratings determine the value of items, such as jewellery, that can be stored within your jewellery safe or security safe. By having a security safe or jewellery safe with cash ratings and valuables ratings this allows for the safe to be insurance approved, so that you could have the contents of your safe covered by your insurance provider, should you choose to do so.

Ensuring that your home security or business security is up to the standard required for your secure storage needs is essential for achieving peace of mind that cash and valuable goods are sufficiently protected. Our bespoke luxury jewellery safes are the ideal storage solution for family heirlooms, high-end or everyday jewellery items, accessories such as automatic watches and even cash and standard valuable possessions. In utilising a bespoke jewellery safe within your premises, this will significantly reduce any likelihood of your most valued possessions being lost, stolen or damaged.

At SLS Security, we not only design and manufacture a wide range of security safes including our jewellery safes, we also offer a range of security services including our expert delivery and installation service of our bespoke safes. Whether you are searching for the ideal home safe or business safe, at SLS Security our bespoke safe services, in addition to our expert delivery and installation services throughout the UK will guarantee to provide the ideal solution.

Find out more about our luxury and bespoke safe services and enquire about your very own bespoke jewellery safe manufactured at SLS Security today. Give us a call on 08703 308 295 to discuss your requirements with a member of our expert team!


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