SLS Security boasts the benefits of bespoke solutions!

Post on 9:16 am Thursday 21st February 2019

We offer the benefits of bespoke solutions at SLS Security

Finding the ideal security solution that meets your individual specifications and requirements from a range of standard security safes is a difficult feat. However, at SLS Security, we are here to show you the benefits of bespoke solutions, allowing you to completely customise your safe to match all requirements necessary. If you have specific needs or wants for your home security solution or business security solution then SLS Security is the ideal company for you. We have a dedicated team of expert manufacturers and designers on-hand to produce the perfect security solution that fulfils all requirements you may have.

Our bespoke solutions are similar to standard security safes in that we manufacture them in a variety of security grades. Our clients can choose to have their bespoke safe manufactured in grades 0 through 5, offering varying levels of recommended overnight cash cover from between £6,000 and £100,000. With this option of the security grade available when creating your bespoke safe, this enables you to make an informed decision on the appropriate level of security for your storage needs.

One of the benefits of bespoke solutions is that the client can have their security safe manufactured in any size or shape necessary. This ensures that your security solution is completely unique to your specific needs. Our bespoke safes provide the ideal solution for any clients who may have a specific location in which their safe must be installed, which could perhaps require a slightly obscure shape to ensure the fit of the bespoke safe. Not only would a bespoke safe be suited to those with specific location requirements, but it would also offer the ideal solution for any client wanting to upkeep the interior design and aesthetics of their premises.

In keeping with interior design and aesthetics, another of the benefits of bespoke solutions is that we offer our safes in a full range of RAL colours and a variety of finishes, enabling our clients to completely customise the appearance of their high-security solution to match any vibe necessary.

At SLS Security, we also offer a wide range of luxury interior features, including watch winders for the secure storage and upkeep of automatic watches, bespoke jewellery drawers and storage to ensure all high-valued accessories are protected, and even interior lighting so that the contents of your bespoke safe can be viewed with ease when necessary.

Our bespoke safes can be fitted with a wide range of locking options to suit the client’s preference, including manual key locking solutions, electronic locks, combination locks and even biometric locking solutions. Our locking options are all LPCB approved, offering a highly-secure mechanism for your bespoke safe, the choice is entirely down to the client’s predisposition.

The benefits of bespoke safes are ultimately endless, the ideal security solution for each individual client’s needs can always be attained through SLS Security and the bespoke safe service we offer! Get in touch with a member of our expert team today to find out more about the benefits of bespoke solutions, and enquire about your very own bespoke safe, call us on 08703 308 295 to discuss your requirements.

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