SLS Security manufactures luxury safes for jewellery storage

Post on 2:12 pm Monday 15th October 2018

At SLS Security, we have a range of ideal bespoke and luxury safes for jewellery storage, which are completely customisable to meet our clients’ exact specifications. Whether you are looking for the addition of drawers, hooks, or even watch winders, at SLS Security our manufacturing team strive to meet all expectations when creating safes for jewellery storage.

Ensuring that valued possessions, such as family heirlooms are kept in a secure location, such as a safe for jewellery is essential in preventing the loss, damage or theft of valued family heirlooms and other assets. Security safes provide the ideal solution for the storage of jewellery, cash and other valuable items. Our range of safes for jewellery storage, which can be tailored to meet your exact needs, are insurance approved providing additional peace of mind that your valuables can be covered through insurers should you choose to do so. The insurance values our safes provide come in the form of cash and valuable ratings, which correspond to our grades and cover a certain amount of cash and valuables which can be stored at one time through your insurer. By adding our safes for jewellery and their contents to your insurance, this will provide assured cover in every eventuality, however, it is vital to check your insurance policy with the company prior to ensure claims could be made should they be required.

Our safes for jewellery storage can be fitted with a wide range of locking options including key locks, electronic locks and even biometric systems, the choice is all down to personal preference. With our range of jewellery safes, our clients are provided a variety of option to choose between, with luxury interior features, a full RAL colour spectrum and even the addition of deposit options, choosing a safe to meet all your requirements is simple with SLS Security.

Choosing a safe that meets all specifications in range of standard safes, however, can be difficult. We understand that not all clients’ needs can simply be met through standard safes, which is why we offer bespoke solutions through our ability to manufacture safes for jewellery storage and tailor-made security safes for general cash and valuables storage.

Finding the ideal home safe that fits in perfectly with the interior design and overall feel of a home or home office tends to require bespoke manufacture. Standard safes are not designed to match home interiors, but with our safes for jewellery and bespoke security safes, there is no compromise on the design of the safe or the security features in comparison to those found on standard security safes.

Security safes and safes for jewellery storage are vital for the secure storage of jewellery, cash and valuables. Without a security safe or safes for jewellery storage, these valuable items are left at significantly higher risk of loss, damage or theft. By choosing a safe for jewellery storage or a security safe to provide a high-security solution in the storage of valuable assets and family heirlooms, you are reducing the risks at an extremely high rate. SLS Security offers a wide range of jewellery safes and security safes which are manufactured in our UK facility to provide this assurance that valued items, such as jewellery and family heirlooms, remain as secure as physically possible.

If you believe your home or business could benefit from one of our safes for jewellery storage or security safes get in touch today to begin your project. Our high-security range of jewellery safes, cash safes and security safes provide peace of mind in addition to the exquisite security they offer.

Give us a call on 08703 308 295 to speak to our team and kick start the project for your new high-security storage solution.

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