At SLS Security we offer completely bespoke domestic security solutions

Post on 3:38 pm Monday 4th March 2019

Bespoke domestic security solutions customised to your individual requirements

Finding the ideal security solution for your home storage requirements out of a selection of standard safes is, at times, quite limiting. However, at SLS Security, we offer a completely bespoke domestic safe service. Whether you are searching for a home safe to store cash, items of value such as jewellery, watches and electronic devices or a secure location for important documentation and confidential data such as wills, deeds and passports, opting for a bespoke solution to meet these needs ensures that the ideal security solution can be attained.

At SLS Security, we provide a bespoke safe service, with a wide variety of internal additional features, external design options and the ability to completely customise the ideal security solution for each client’s individual needs. Ensuring that cash, valuable assets, important documentation and sentimental items are appropriately stored to guarantee their protection is vital for achieving peace of mind. Without the appropriate security solution, such as a bespoke home safe, installed within your premises, this could put valued items left unsecure at risk.

Our bespoke safes can be designed and manufactured in a full range of RAL colours, with a wide range of interior materials such as woods, felts and leathers to provide a unique and luxury design and finish to your bespoke safe. Whether you want to match your security solution to the interior design of your premises, or are just looking for a security solution to provide a luxurious enhancement to your premises’ security features, at SLS Security our UK manufacturing team can provide the ideal security solution to meet your needs.

With our extensive range of interior features including custom jewellery storage, drawers, display cabinets, watch winders, personalised key holders and interior lighting systems, our bespoke domestic security solutions cater to all of our clients needs.

The bespoke domestic security solutions we supply at SLS Security are manufactured in a range of security grades, between grade 0 and grade 5. By manufacturing our bespoke safes to Eurograde specifications, this allows our clients to not only choose the ideal level of security for their storage needs, but also allows for insurance cover to be attained via the client’s insurance provider for additional protection, if desired.

Not only do we manufacture our bespoke domestic security solutions to Eurograde standards, our high-security bespoke safes are manufactured with fire-resistant materials included, ensuring that valued goods, important documentation and confidential data is sufficiently protected against any potential heat or fire damage that could occur.

Get in touch with a member of our expert team to find out more about our bespoke safe service and the bespoke domestic security solutions we can provide to meet your needs today. Give us a call on 08703 308 295 to discuss your domestic security requirements and kick-start your very own bespoke safe project with SLS Security.

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